The City has sent out the Notice of Pending Administrative Review for the new elementary school north of the Trap Club land. The project number is PZ 14-0005.
Bend-La Pine School District is requesting a Type II site plan and Conditional Use Permit approval for a new 72,000 square foot, 600 student elementary
school. The application includes a Class C Variance request to exceed the maximum 30 foot height allowed in the RS zone.
Any comments that you have should be raised in writing and directed toward the criteria that apply to this request. Written comments may be sent to t
he Bend Planning Division, 710 NW Wall and must be received or postmarked by January 23rd. Or you may send your comments by email to Amy Barry, Senior Planner, at
Again, the comments are due by January 23rd.
The PZ number for this project is PZ 14-0005 and must appear on the comments.
The application can be viewed electronically in ePlans.
Log into the ePlans website at:
Password: public