UPDATE 8/20: The Master Plan has been approved by City Council. Please see ePlans for more details. Search for PZ-18-0252 and PZ-18-0253.

UPDATE 7/28: This plan has cleared the Planning Commission and is now headed to City Council. If you are interested in commenting on this plan, now is the time!

You can attend the council meeting to offer comments in person. You are also encouraged to submit comments in writing whether or not you can attend the meeting. Find email addresses to city councilors here.

City Council Meeting

Wednesday, August 1 starting at 7pm
City Hall, 710 NW Wall Street

This is one of the bigger projects facing the Old Farm District in the years ahead. Along with the Murphy Road extension and new Alpenglow Park, this school complex is being built on the south end of 15th Street. As a project of the Bend-LaPine School District, this is entirely separate from the City of Bend and the Bend Parks and Recreation District. Your input is necessary to keep the interest of the community heard across these multiple agencies!

The public hearing will address a Master Plan for the school complex, which will include a high school and middle school. The plan calls for changes to the Bend Development Code (BDC), Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Plan, and an amendment to the Transportation System Plan (TSP).

This is a big one!

Please view the supporting documents at the City’s ePlans site for more details. Search for PZ-18-0252 and PZ-18-0253.

The official public hearing notices are posted below. Written comment may be submitted to Karen Swenson at kswenson@bendoregon.gov.

Notice of Public Hearing 18-0252, 0253

Notice of Public Hearing 18-0253 Dev Transfer parcel

The public hearing will be held before the Planning Commission in Bend City Council Chambers on July 9 at 5:30pm.

New school complex slated to open as soon as 2021