The Bend Development Code (BDC) is the guiding document for builders in the City. Amendments are being considered at the next meeting of the Planning Commission to be held in City Hall on August 13th.

The bulk of the amendments proposed are meant to reorganize Affordable Housing Strategies under BDC 3.6.200.C. Affordability incentives allow for a density bonus and lot size exemptions if more than fifty percent of units in a development meet affordability standards.

Here is how the changes are described in the City’s announcement:

BDC amendments to Chapters 1.2, Definitions; 2.1, Residential Districts; 2.3, Mixed-Use Zoning Districts; Chapter 2.6, Public Facilities Zoning Districts (PF); Chapter 3.3, Vehicle Parking, Loading and Bicycle Parking; and Chapter 3.6, Special Standards and Regulations for Certain Uses. It includes new/revised definitions, amendments to BDC Chapter 2.1, Residential Districts (amends setbacks, lot coverage, lot area and dimensions and creates 2.1.1100 Other Design Standards), adds ADUs to Table 2.3.200 in the Mixed Use Zoning Districts, and other minor amendments.

The proposed amendments also relocate current affordable housing incentives (density, height, lot coverage, and parking) located throughout the BDC to BDC 3.6.200.C, Affordable Housing Strategies. The amendments include a new incentive that would allow the required lot area and dimensions to be reduced for an affordable housing development. The proposed amendments also revise the way the density bonus is calculated and clarifies that when a developer provides a percentage of dwelling units as affordable, that they would be eligible for an increase in dwelling units over the maximum residential density that could be rented or sold at market rates or as affordable units.

You can view the staff report and proposed amendments here (PDF).

The Planning Commission takes public comment at every meeting and in writing. View their website here.

Bend Planning Commission Meeting

Monday, August 13 starting at 5:30pm
City Hall, 710 NW Wall Street