We host two large meetings every year to keep you updated on what’s going on in our neighborhood. There are big things happening!

Bend’s Transportation System Plan (TSP)

The Transportation System Plan is a guide to the next 20 years of roadway priorities in and around Bend. Priorities are set in cooperation between city, county, and state government along with other stakeholders at the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). We are currently in the process of drafting a new version of the Plan.

Stay tuned for neighborhood outreach and more opportunities to voice your input coming in January 2019!

The Plan is expected to be adopted in 2020.

For more information, contact Karen Swirsky, Senior Planner in the City of Bend Growth Management Department at kswirsky@bendoregon.gov or 541-323-8513.

See the presentation (PDF)

View video of the presentation

Murphy Road Extension

Right of way to the Murphy Road corridor was obtained by the City of Bend in the 1990s. Modernization upgrades are planned for the stretch between Parrell and Brosterhous and construction of the extension of Murphy Road will stretch between Brosterhous and Murphy Road.

Plans are expected to be completed by January 2019 under a design-build model. The City has committed to an overpass traversing the BNSF railway and a roundabout is likely at the intersections on 15th Street and Brosterhous. Other features, like bike routes, are still being considered (Parks are discussing a possible alternate bike path nearby to serve the future school complex and surrounding areas).

The project is currently expected to last through 2021.

We encourage you to keep in mind that a new park and two new schools will be built nearby on 15th Street and that any future development in SE Bend will make this connection vital. Stay tuned for more ways to participate in the public comment process on all of these interconnected projects.

Learn more at the Murphy Corridor Project website or contact the team at 541-322-9919.

See the presentation (PDF)

View video of the presentation

SE Bend Expansion Area

The City of Bend’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) has expanded as required by state law. This gives Bend room to grow in a more intentional fashion than some other places where development happens haphazardly.

Thanks to the recent installation of a large capacity sewer line on the east side of town and the rougher geography in other parts of town, the SE corner of Bend is being eyed as the first UGB expansion area ready for development.

Things are only in the early planning stages at the moment – zoning maps will be drawn, infrastructure needs assessed, etc. This initial stage is expected to last 18 months and then the area will become open for development.

Learn more at the SE Expansion Area website or contact the City of Bend’s Senior Planners, Damian Syrnyk (541-312-4919 or dsyrnyk@bendoregon.gov) and Allison Platt (541-322-6394 or aplatt@bendoregon.gov )

See the presentation (PDF)

View video of the presentation