We host two large meetings every year to keep you updated on what’s going on in our neighborhood. There are big things happening!

The next General Meeting will take place in October. We hold board meetings every month and you are invited!

Murphy Corridor Improvement Project

The city engineer leading the Murphy Road project, Garrett Sabourin, joined us to explain what the Design-Build model is and to detail next steps for the project now that it is underway.

Current Activities:

  • Survey and geotechnical work are underway along Murphy Road, between Parrell Road and 15th Street. This work is expected to continue through May 2019.
  • The project team has reviewed previous design efforts and is evaluating improvement options available for the corridor (Alternatives Analysis).
  • Preliminary design work will continue through September 2019.

Upcoming Activities:

  • April 2019: Begin construction of the new Bend La-Pine High School waterline loop and east side of Murphy extension early grading to begin (GMP #1).
  • Early Summer 2019: Open house at the conclusion of the Alternatives Analysis.
  • Summer 2019: Open house prior to construction of the 15th Street roundabout and sidewalk extension.
  • Summer 2019: Construction of the 15th Street roundabout and sidewalk extension (tentative).

Garrett also spoke at our Fall 2018 General Meeting.

Learn more at the Murphy Corridor Project website or contact the team at 541-322-9919.

If you’re concerned about traffic impacts on the broader network in SE Bend – including 15th Street, Reed Market, Knott Road, and more – there are more ways to be heard! The Transportation System Plan (TSP) for Bend is still in development. Learn more about the TSP and leave a comment at the TSP webpage.

See the presentation slides (PDF)

Watch video of the presentation

Septic-to-Sewer Update

The City of Bend now has a program in place to help with converting from septic to sewer. This comes after a lengthy Advisory Committee process – watch our meeting with them here – and action by City Council.

The program includes City funding for sewer line projects, but neighbors must apply and qualify to receive the funding assistance. There are still significant costs on the homeowner – including decommissioning your septic system, any plumbing modifications, permits, and the line on your property connecting to the sewer stub out – along with SDCs and a portion of the cost of installing the sewer line. Those who convert in the first two years of a sewer becoming available to their house, though, qualify for a discount.

Several Old Farm NA board members have personal experience with this process and can help you understand what is needed for conversion and applying to the program.

Learn more at the Septic to Sewer Conversion Program website and get in touch with City staff at 541.388.5580 or email our Board members for more info.

See the presentation slides (PDF)

Watch video of the presentation