We host two large meetings every year to keep you updated on what’s going on in our neighborhood. There are big things happening!

Bend’s Transportation Future

The City of Bend is looking ahead to a large infrastructure bond on the ballot in May 2020. That bond should address several major outstanding needs relating to transportation infrastructure in our area. The Old Farm District was annexed into the City in 1998 and much of our streets are still only at County – not City – standards (think, sidewalks, safe crossings, ADA compliance, etc).

That bond will also address many components of the Transportation System Plan (TSP), which is expected to be adopted in 2020. The TSP is a guide to the next 20 years of roadway priorities in and around Bend. The City is currently in the process of drafting a new version of the Plan in consultation with advisory groups like CTAC – the Citizen Transportation Advisory Committee.

City Manager Eric King presented on how these transportation issues are handled in Bend. He offered explanations for how we got here and a look ahead. Senior Planner Karen Swirsky and Senior Analyst Susanna Julber joined him to explain the technical and funding aspects of transportation in Bend.

Contact City Manager Eric King at eking@bendoregon.gov or 541-693-2118.

For more information on the TSP or CTAC, contact Senior Planner Karen Swirsky at kswirsky@bendoregon.gov or 541-323-8513.

Senior Project & Policy Analyst Susanna Julber can be reached at sjulber@bendoregon.gov or 541-693-2132.

If you have concerns about transportation in Bend, there are several ways to be heard.

For big picture stuff, talk to city councilors, members of CTAC, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), or join a public meeting. Or talk to us!

For fixes around the neighborhood, from potholes to unpaved roads, submit a Citizen Service Request.

Also be sure to drop us a line so that we can help advocate for your ideas!

See the presentation (PDF)

View video of the presentation

Murphy Road Extension

Construction is underway on the Murphy Road extension! The roundabout at 15th Street will be completed this month, with some finishing touches extending into November.

The next big piece will likely be construction of a roundabout at Murphy & Brosterhous in Spring 2020. That project is expected to have similar traffic interruptions as the construction on 15th. We’ll have details for you as they become available.

The City has also committed to building an overpass over the BNSF railway.

The entire project is currently expected to last through 2021.

We strongly encourage you to sign up for weekly email updates if this project impacts you!

Learn more and subscribe to updates at the Murphy Corridor Project website.

Contact Project Engineer Garrett Sabourin at gsabourin@bendoregon.gov or 541-323-8596.

See the presentation (PDF)

View video of the presentation

Septic to Sewer Conversion

The City of Bend’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) has expanded as required by state law. This gives Bend room to grow in a more intentional fashion than some other places where development happens haphazardly.

Thanks to the recent installation of a large capacity sewer line on the east side of town and the rougher geography in other parts of town, the SE corner of Bend is being eyed as the first UGB expansion area ready for development.

Things are only in the early planning stages at the moment – zoning maps will be drawn, infrastructure needs assessed, etc. This initial stage is expected to last 18 months and then the area will become open for development.

<a href=”http://bendoregon.gov/southeastareaplan”>Learn more at the SE Expansion Area website</a> or contact the City of Bend’s Senior Planners, Damian Syrnyk (541-312-4919 or dsyrnyk@bendoregon.gov) and Allison Platt (541-322-6394 or aplatt@bendoregon.gov )

See the presentation (PDF)

View video of the presentation

Treasurer’s Report

City council expanded the budget for Neighborhood Associations last year so we can do more to serve you! The City has also hired a new Community Relations Manager dedicated to working on neighborhood issues.

Here’s how our finances broke down for the fiscal year that ended on June 30th – and a look at the current FY budget. As always, you can find our financial reporting in real time in our Google Docs folder – check it out.

Call for volunteers

The Old Farm District Neighborhood Association is facing a lot of big projects.. and some small ones too. We can really use your help!

Whether you’d just like to drop in for the occasional meeting or street cleanup or commit to regular help on technical subjects, we have something for everyone. Here’s just a taste of what we’re looking for:

Ongoing roles

  • HOA liaisons

  • Website maintenance

  • Social media & newsletter help

  • Possible board openings next year

Drop-in help

  • Adopt-a-Road clean up

  • Good Samaritan snow removal

  • City committee liaisons

  • Research & data entry

  • Taking event photos

Get in touch to volunteer today!