New bylaws were adopted at a Special Membership Meeting held on January 11, 2021. The vote was unanimous among the Board and Membership to adopt the revised bylaws and is reflected in the minutes.

A PDF copy of the current bylaws is available here.

The changes made from the bylaws previously adopted in April 2011 include:

  • Modifying boundaries. The UGB was updated since our last bylaws were enacted. This modification ensures continuity of services for our neighbors in areas yet to be annexed.
  • Membership and voting. Membership was previously recorded by use of a registration card. Now, members must simply attest and affirm their eligibility prior to any vote of the Membership without need for prior registration.
  • Updates. Some entities, like the Neighborhood Leadership Alliance, did not exist when our bylaws were last considered. This update ensures OFDNA can do business with entities other than the City of Bend. It also modernizes the language used in certain places, for example relating to our website.

You can always find a copy of our bylaws online right here. That link is available through the navigation at the top of every page under About > Bylaws.