A law passed by the Oregon legislature in 2019 requires that cities allow middle housing types where single-family homes are permitted. Duplexes must be allowed on any lot where single-family detached homes are allowed. Triplexes, quadplexes, townhomes, and cottage clusters must be allowed in any zone where single-family detached homes are allowed.

In order to implement the statute and the administrative rules approved by the state in 2020, City staff have been drafting amendments to the Bend Development Code (BDC). The staff has been assisted by a “stakeholder advisory group” composed of representatives from the Planning Commission, City Council, Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, Neighborhood Leadership Alliance, Central Oregon Builders Association, Central Oregon LandWatch, and 1,000 Friends of Oregon, as well as local developers, architects, and neighborhood association representatives.

A draft of amendments to the Bend Comprehensive Plan and the BDC is available on the City web site. The draft addresses siting standards for setbacks, parking, lot coverage, floor area ratio, and height requirements, as well as design standards for garage doors, front door orientation, and windows.

The draft is being circulated to the BDC Update Group (an informal email list of people interested in code changes). A final draft will go to a Planning Commission work session on June 14th. Hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council are expected to be held in July and August.

To access the City’s web page with documents related to the draft code changes, click here. Select the document titled “Draft Exhibit A.05 03 21” to review the proposed changes or view the document below.


City of Bend HB2001 Draft Exhibit A.05 03 21

This post was originally published by the Summit West Neighborhood Association here.