At last night’s OFDNA  monthly Board meeting, we had a great discussion on the houseless problem in Bend.  Melanie Kebler from the Bend City Council shared information and slides about the problem and some of the shelters and locations being considered by the city as we approach winter.  The links below offer some great information to better educate us on the problem and solutions being considered.  Please have a look and send us your thoughts, or write the council directly at

Here’s more information about who is homeless in Central Oregon. Includes hundreds of kids and young people.


Latest from the City of Bend regarding the Outdoor Shelters:

Pallet Shelters

Pallet Shelters

Examples of successful shelters Bend is modeling


A shelter project currently under design

Con and Pallet Shelters


Shelter types other than outdoor being considered


Deschutes County Cleveland Commons Shelter Project


A policy brief describing  the characteristics of an effective coordinated shelter entry process from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development