PLLD20210582 is an application to subdivide a 1.87 acre lot zoned RM into 10 lots. The lot is on the east side of the canal as it passes under the bridge at 3rd and Brosterhous. Access will be almost directly across from Parrell. The developer proposes 10 duplexes, triplexes, and 4-plexes and one single-family residence, for a total of 28 living units. All the trees will be cut down.

The developer wants to put in a private road to service the 10 units. Unlike public streets, private streets are not required to have planter strips, so there will be 5’ sidewalks on both sides of the private street, with no trees. See BDC 3.4.200.F. Table D. The development will create an additional 207 daily trips, with 16 new pm peak hours trips. The developer proposes to put a sidewalk along Brosterhous up to the bridge abutment.

The Bend Standards and Specifications code requires sidewalks on both sides of a street, public or private. OFDNA has requested that the developer and the city allow a waiver of those requirements so that trees could be planted along one side.

Public comment must be received by Friday, November 12.

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