Bend Bikes organization puts its first bike map of city routes online

Bend Bikes said Wednesday it has launched Bend’s first bike map and it is available for free and to the public at

As an all-volunteer organization, this map is the culmination of hundreds of hours of volunteer time riding every corner of Bend, scrutinizing base layer map data, and having a lot of discussions about what this bike map should look like, the organization said in Wednesday’s news release, which continues below.

The color scheme and design, for example, was optimized to allow color blind users to read the map.

Bend Bikes’ hope for this map is to allow all people who ride bikes to find ways to get across town on streets that feel comfortable for them. Bend Bikes also sees this map as a tool to help us advocate to fill in the gaps in the infrastructure for people who bike.

This version 1.0 of our bike map is just the beginning, and Bend Bikes knows it is far from perfect. Bend Bikes prioritized getting an initial map out to the community with the goal of engaging with residents, neighborhood associations, and really, anyone who is excited to help make it better over time! To that end, there is a feedback form included on the map page.