A conceptual plan to develop the Stevens Road Tract, a 261-acre parcel of land located southeast of Bend just outside of city limits, was approved by the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD).

“DLCD’s approval of this one-of-a-kind conceptual plan brings our community one step closer to much-needed market rate and affordable housing,” said Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Broadman. “Not only will this land become home to 20 acres of deed-restricted affordable housing for residents, including education providers, it will also act as a model for what complete communities will look like now and into the future.”

The Stevens Road Tract Concept Plan is one of many steps leading to the creation of a new neighborhood in Bend.

The plan lays the foundation for expanding the Bend Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) and will guide the eventual development of the site based on the requirements of House Bill 3318. The bill, passed in June of last year, gives the City a path to bring 261 acres into the UGB more quickly than the traditional process.

The bill outlines a process and directs the type of eventual development of a “complete community,” which will include deed-restricted affordable, workforce, and market-rate housing, parks, mixed uses, and employment uses.

The land is currently owned by the State of Oregon and managed by the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL). When DSL sells land, the revenue goes into the state’s Common School Fund, which helps fund public K-12 education.

With the approval from DLCD, the city of Bend will be able to move forward with expanding its urban growth boundary based on the requirements of House Bill 3318.

Next steps include making changes to the City of Bend’s planning documents like the Comprehensive Plan and expanding the Urban Growth Boundary to include the property.  These actions will be taking place in early 2023 and involve public notice and hearings.