CET is constructing ADA-compliant bus stops in Bend

CET’s contractor, Cascades Civil Corps, is constructing ADA-Compliant bus stops in Bend through the month of October for new routes that will be operational in 2023, pending driver availability.

Click here for maps and bus stop construction information about Routes 8 and 9 in Northeast and Southeast Bend

If you have questions related to bus stop construction in your neighborhood, please contact Derek Hofbauer, CET Outreach and Engagement Administrator, at dhofbauer@coic.org or 541-548-9534.

City of Bend Routes 8 and 9 Design and Implementation

CET is implementing two new routes in Bend in 2023 to expand public transportation services in Northeast and Southeast Bend. CET worked collaboratively with the City of Bend to design bus stop locations and hired Century West Engineering to design the bus stops and ensure ADA compliance. Funds to plan and implement the new routes are provided by the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund. Please contact Derek Hofbauer, COIC/CET Outreach and Engagement Administrator at dhofbauer@coic.org or 541-548-9534 for questions, comments, or to receive additional information about the project.

Estimated Project Timeline and Milestones:

March 2019: CET begins collaborating with City of Bend to develop route and stop locations and bus stop design elements
October 2020: CET conducts surveys and outreach to neighborhood associations to solicit community input for route designs and stop locations
April 2021: CET hired Century West Engineering to develop bus stop designs
October 2021: CET Preliminary Bus Stop Designs  submitted to the City of Bend; City of Bend Accessibility Advisory Committee Presentation
November 2021: Public outreach initiatives for bus stop locations; presentations to Neighborhood Associations
December 2021: 60% bus stop design plans completed; presentations to Neighborhood Associations
February 2022: 100% bus stop designs submitted to the City of Bend for review
April 2022: Bus stop designs out to bid for construction
May 2022: Vendor selected to construct bus stops
September – October 2022: Bus stops constructed. Click the links to access the Bus Stop Construction Schedule and Traffic Control Plan 
2023: Route implementation pending successful driver recruitment and hiring

Route 8 and 9 maps with stop locations             


route map


Recent presentations

City of Bend Accessibility Advisory Committee 10.28.21

Boyd Acres Neighborhood Association Presentation 11.9.21

Mountain View Neighborhood Association Presentation 11.22.21

Old Farm Neighborhood Association Presentation 12.13.21