Colvin Oil, LLC has filed an application to develop a commercial center on 2.7 acres at the Murphy/Brosterhousroundabout.  The applications can be found at the Bend Online Permit Center, application numbers PLSPR20220270, PLCUP20220284, PLCUP20220285 and PLMISC20220729.


The lot is zoned Convenience Commercial (CC).  The Bend Development Code requires a CC development to be adjacent and connected to residential districts.  Its purpose is to providefor frequent shopping and services needs of nearby residents.  Automobile-dependent and automobile-reliant businesses are not permitted outright in a CC zone, but they may be allowed if they are needed by the adjacent neighborhoods and if they qualify for a conditional use permit.  The applications are posted on the Bend Online Permit Center.


Colvin Oil proposes to build the development in three phases.  The first phase would be a gas station and convenience store and later a drive-through food/coffee business.  Over 1,650 people have signed an online petition opposing these two businesses.  See  They welcome this development but are opposed to the traffic and pollution the gas station and drive-through will cause in such dense residential neighborhoods. Jewell Elementary School is 800’ to the north, and Caldera High School is one-third of a mile to the south.


The OFDNA board circulated a survey to residents living both in the OFDNA and residents living elsewhere.  The question posed was:


Do you support the City of Bend granting a conditional use

permit (CUP) for a gas station and drive thru at Brosterhous

and Murphy (B&M)?


429 residents responded.  The results from the multi-neighborhood residents:


​No, I am against a gas station and drive thru at B&M:  84.15%

​Yes, I am in support of a gas station and drive thru at B&M: 11.89%.

​Not decided:  .23%

​Indifferent:  3.73%.


The results from only the OFDNA residents:

No, I am against a gas station and drive thru at B&M:   81.51%

​Yes, I am in support of a gas station and drive thru at B&M:   14.72%.

​Not decided:  .38%

​Indifferent:  3.4%.


On November 14, 2022, the Old Farm District board of directors voted unanimously to oppose the conditional use permits for the gas station and drive-through.  The Board filed its official comment with the city today.