Community members will be invited to give input about changes to how parking is required when new development is built. These changes are in response to recently adopted state requirements, known as the Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities, that direct cities to take steps to regulate parking in new ways.

At the Wednesday Nov. 16 Bend City Council meeting, the Council directed staff to draft code language that would remove minimum parking requirements for new development throughout the city. The Council was interested in requirements for accessible parking.Currently, the Bend Development Code often requires developers to build a certain minimum number of parking spaces depending on the use.

The state mandate, called Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities, directs the City to consider removing parking requirements This mandate is a set of new and amended rules from the State Land Conservation and Development Commission that regulate how development and transportation infrastructure get built into the future. The rules intend to change how cities are built to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as one way to address climate change.

The Department of Land Conservation and Development, the state agency that developed the rules, has outlined some options. The Council on Wednesday indicated interest in pursuing the option that repeals any rules that require developments to have a certain minimum number of parking spaces onsite. Read more about the other options provided by the state here.

The draft code will go before the Bend Planning Commission at 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 28. The Planning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council, who will receive public input and potentially vote on Dec. 7.

To learn more about Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities and proposed parking changes, visit: Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities | City of Bend (