JL Ward Co has filed an application for the final phases of its Murphy Road Master Plan site.
The plan had approved 795 dwelling units, 154 of which are presently being built north of
Murphy and immediately west of Jewell Elementary School. This application, PLLD202200827,
concerns the 124 acres south of Murphy and immediately east of Country Club Road. Called
Constellation Crest, it plans for 565 total lots, including 492 detached single-family units and 72
town home units. There is a very small lot zoned Commercial Convenience on Country Club
The 2019 Traffic Facilities Report/Transportation Impact Analysis (TFR/TIA) estimated that upon
completion, the project will generate 7,574 site trips/day and 794 daily site trips during the
evening peak hour.
There will be 17.3 acres of open space, which includes a large wooded area (Area of Special
Interest or ASI) of 11.6 acres along Murphy Road.
The application and supporting documents can be reviewed at the Bend Online Permit Center
under the “Planning and Historic” Application Search section.