The following article is a City of Bend News Release and doesn’t represent an opinion of the OFDNA Board of Directors.

The Bend City Council will begin to consider how to protect Bend’s urban tree canopy, which is a term that refers to the part of a city that is shaded by trees, during a work session on March 15. ( At the work session, Councilors will learn about how existing tree preservation regulations are applied. The Council then may provide direction on what changes should be explored.

“Council has heard community concerns about loss of our urban canopy. The tree code work session is the beginning of the Council’s discussion about how to protect and promote a healthy urban canopy while balancing the need for new housing and sustainable development within our urban growth boundary,” said Mayor Melanie Kebler.

The City does have tree-related rules already on the books. Some include:

  • On all undeveloped properties or properties without land use approval, trees of a certain diameter must be kept.
  • Those trees that are kept must be protected from clearing and grading activity and incorporated into the site as it is developed.

And here’s what the existing Bend Development Code says when it comes to removing trees:

  • On development sites, deciduous trees with a diameter of 6 inches or bigger and coniferous trees with a diameter of 10 inches or bigger as measured 4 feet above the ground need to be inventoried and protected unless approved for removal through a formal land use permitting process.
  • A tree may be removed if retaining it prevents the development of public streets, utilities, housing or other uses permitted in the zone.

Read more of existing tree codes, BC 16.10.100, Tree Preservation, here and BDC 3.2.200, Landscape Conservation, here.

Watch the work session at 5 p.m. on March 15 here.