The following article, sent by Old Farm District resident and Bend fireman Nick Gylling, provides information for an upcoming vote to increase the existing Fire Levy component of property taxes.  This information is provided as a community service and does not represent an opinion by the OFDNA Board of Directors.

There is an important vote coming up in mid-May that will involve voting on approving an increase to the existing fire levy. Voting yes on this levy will ensure maintaining a current level of fire and emergency medic services to our community.

Below are four arguments in favor of the increase. Below that are links for more information.

The levy will support staffing levels that improve response times when there’s a medical or fire emergency, which saves more lives and property.

  • Fast response times mean better patient outcomes.
  • Fast response times mean smaller structure and wildland fires.

The levy will help maintain our cardiac survivability rates which are higher than the national average.

  • More resources on the road means smaller service areas assigned to each station, meaning quicker responses to emergencies.
  • Bend Fire & Rescue is one of the leading departments in the nation in cardiac survivability.

The levy will allow Bend Fire & Rescue to keep pace with the increasing call volume and growing demands for service.

  • Increasing emergency calls means more firefighter/paramedics and equipment needed to respond.
  • If resources are tied up on emergency calls, response times will be longer to get to the next emergency.

Bend Fire & Rescue uses the community’s tax dollars wisely.

  • Bend Fire & Rescue has not asked for a levy increase since 2014, even though the demand for service has increased 60% over that same time period. Lowest rate in the area.
  • Bend Fire & Rescue strives to implement innovative cost-efficient programs that maximize tax dollars.

This is a link to the interactive website

This is information from the City of Bend

Quick Fact Sheet

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Nick Gylling
Firefighter Paramedic
Bend Fire and Rescue