The City of Bend is proposing amendments to Bend Comprehensive Plan Chapters, 5 Housing and 11, Growth Management and amendments to Bend Development Code Chapters 1.2, Definitions, 2.1, Residential Districts (UAR, RL, RS, RM-10,RM RH),  2.7, Special Planned Districts, Refinement Plans, Area Plans and Master Plans, 3.1, Lot, Parcel and Block Design, Access and Circulation, 3.6, Special Standards and Regulations for Certain Uses, and 4.3, Land Divisions and Property Line Adjustments. The amendments propose to remove the maximum density in the High Density Residential (RH) District, add single room occupancies in compliance with HB 3395 and update middle housing land divisions and there are also other minor changes.


The following is the tentative schedule:


PC Work Session – 09/25

PC Hearing – 10/09

CC 1st Reading – 11/01

CC 2nd Reading – 11/15

08 31 23 Housing Update