Given the interest in the subject of tree preservation in the community, it’s important to know that the Bend City Council gave staff direction last night to organize two community Q&A sessions on the recommendations made by the Tree Regulation Advisory Update Committee.

Read a general overview of the recommendations here or learn more about what has happened so far here.

Dates, locations and other details are TBD at this time. However, the general timeline as it stands now is to have these Q&A sessions in the next few months, to have the recommendations go before the Planning Commission sometime around April and for it to go before the Council sometime around June. This of course is just an estimate, and these dates are subject to change.

It is important to note that these Q&A sessions will not be apart of the official land use record. Rather, the Q&A session is your opportunity to ask questions and get them answered in real time, and that your time to submit official public comment or opinions that the Planning Commission and City Council that will be put into the land use record is during public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council. People are also always welcome to submit comments to both of those public bodies via email at any time.