City of Bend water customers can receive a Turf Removal Rebate to convert lawns into a low-water use landscape.

The City Water Conservation program is providing another innovative way to help customers save water and money. Beginning in April 2024, City of Bend water customers can apply to the new Turf Removal Rebate program and earn $3 per square foot (up to $3,000) to remove currently-planted and thriving lawns into low-water Xeriscapes. This water-wise type of gardening conserves water and helps protect the environment and valuable resources.

“As the water demands continue to grow in Central Oregon, we need to take additional steps to reduce outdoor water use and meet our goals,” said Dan Denning, City of Bend Water Conservation Program Manager. “The City’s Water Conservation program focuses on teaching and implementing best water-use practices to help customers conserve without sacrificing the quality of the High Desert lifestyle they enjoy. Incentivizing the replacement of water-thirsty plants to low-water, drought tolerant landscapes save our customers on their water bill and greatly reduces the water demand.”

During peak irrigation season in the summer, water use can escalate to 26 million gallons per day. Through water saving programs such as this, and other rebate and educational campaigns, the Water Conservation team has helped slow the daily demand for water despite the growth in population, industry and tourism.

The Turf Removal Rebate program will continue through 2024 until the $75,000 funds are used. Participation is on a first come, first served basis and an application and approval is required. To learn more about the City of Bend Water Conservation program and the rebates offered, visit