The City of Bend Utility Department recently published its 2023 Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report which shows that City of Bend’s drinking water continues to meet all health standards and that the City is 100% compliant in water quality testing and in meeting and exceeding water quality standards.

The Annual Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report, required by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, provides customers with important information about Bend’s drinking water, water sources, and regulatory monitoring results for 2023.

“Our highest priority is protecting public health by providing safe, high-quality water services. We always take the actions necessary to ensure safe drinking water is delivered to homes and businesses every day,” said Utility Department Director Mike Buettner. “We are pleased to report that, once again, in 2023, our drinking water quality was equal to or better than state and federal requirements that safeguard public health.”

The report also details the treatment process of the water as well as information on water supply planning. View or download the report online at or contact the Utility Department at 541-317-3000, ext. 2 to request a printed copy.