Summer is warming up, and with the July 4 holiday quickly approaching, the City of Bend Police Department and Bend Fire & Rescue wish to remind the community about the rules regarding fireworks use in Bend.

Within Bend city limits, the use, sale and possession of fireworks is banned per City OrdinanceThis means that sales tents and in-store purchases of fireworks in Bend are not permitted, and fireworks purchased elsewhere cannot be brought to Bend and discharged.

Violations can result in criminal or civil penalties, including fines per offense. This could mean up to $750 for City ordinance violations. There could also be costs for damage, injury and services incurred because of noncompliance.

If you want to report the use of fireworks in the city of Bend, you can do so by emailing Reporting will not prompt a police or fire response but will allow us to collect data about illegal firework use throughout the city. If you see illegal use of fireworks that is creating an imminent danger to people or property, you should call 911.

Independence Day is one of the busiest days of the year for first responders. The Bend Police Department will have additional patrol teams on hand to deal with the influx of calls, but we ask the Bend community to help our officers by following the local ban on fireworks, which will allow quicker responses to emergencies and avoid a flood of calls to Deschutes County 911 dispatch.

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Neighborhoods who still have a supply of these yard signs are asked to dispose of them. We are no longer asking people to report firework use to non-emergency at the request of Deschutes County 911 dispatch.