So you’re holding a meeting via Zoom and want it on Facebook too. You already have the Zoom meeting scheduled. You already created the Facebook event announcement. Now to connect them!

To get started, you’ll want to open each in different tabs or windows. Click on your Zoom meeting here, but do not click edit. Click on your Facebook event here.

In Zoom, go to the bottom of the page, just below “Save” and click on Live Streaming. Then click on Configure Custom Streaming Service. Now, we’ll switch over to Facebook to get the codes for this section.

NOTE: You can stream directly to Facebook, but using the “custom streaming service” route gives you greater control – and makes sure you stream in the right place and not on your personal page! Remember this: always use “custom streaming service,” even when you see “Facebook” as an option in Zoom.


On your Facebook event page, click on Set Up Live Video near the top.

Facebook may ask to use your camera. Say no. Then, choose the Use Stream Key option on this screen.

Select the Persistent Stream Key if it’s not already chosen. Now you can copy the codes below!

  • First, copy Server URL and paste it into Zoom on the Stream URL line.
  • Then, copy the Stream Key from Facebook to the Stream Key line in Zoom. This one will be obscured like a password in Zoom.
  • Now, back on Facebook, click next and finish creating the livestream. It’ll ask for the title and description and this can be different from what you put in the event announcement (but doesn’t have to be).
  • The final line in Zoom (Live streaming page URL) gets filled in with your Facebook event URL. You can find that again on the final page of the livestream setup in Facebook as Event URL.

Save your changes in Zoom and that’s it!

When you start the Zoom meeting on the day of the event, it will NOT automatically start livestreaming. This gives you time to chit chat before the meeting.

When you’re ready to go live and kick off the official part of the meeting, give the audience a heads up that you are connecting to Facebook and that it may take 30 seconds. On the admin bar at the bottom of the meeting, click the three dots for More. Then choose Live on Custom Streaming Service (remember, NOT Facebook!)

This will open a window in your browser connecting to the Facebook event page. The connection may take a moment, but then you are live. Be sure to let the audience/host know!


Important: Facebook requires that you begin livestreaming within 10 minutes of your scheduled start time. If you miss that window, then it’s on to Plan B: doing the livestream directly to Facebook (not custom streaming service). This makes it harder for folks to find in the moment, but works. Just make sure you stream to the Old Farm page and not your personal one or another page you manage!