Statement on the proposed City of Bend infrastructure bond

Bend City Council is proposing a transportation bond for the May 2020 ballot. Decisions are still being made now about the desired outcome of such a bond and the projects that will be included. You can contact councilors now to ensure your voice is heard. Read about reaction to the bond in the Bulletin here. [...]

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Bylaw Review and Modernization

We're updating the bylaws Starting in Fall 2019, the Board is developing a process to review and modernize the bylaws. Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions relating to this or join us at a monthly board meeting. We will discuss again this at our next meeting on December 9. Topics to consider include [...]

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Fall 2019 General Meeting Roundup

We host two large meetings every year to keep you updated on what's going on in our neighborhood. There are big things happening! Take our Annual Neighborhood Survey! Bend's Transportation Future The City of Bend is looking ahead to a large infrastructure bond on the ballot in May [...]

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Old Farm NA Recommends Street Safety Projects

The board of the Old Farm District Neighborhood Association voted to recommend two street safety projects to the City of Bend. These projects are being considered under the new Neighborhood Street Safety Program (NSSP), which has allocated $800,000 to complete improvements suggested by citizens. We are now entering the third phase of the program where [...]

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Partial Road Closures for 15th Street & Murphy

The extension of Murphy Road is finally happening! That means we'll have some brief closures as connecting streets are improved. Starting August 12th, 15th Street will have partial closures between Ferguson and the Bridges. This part of the project will install a roundabout at the future intersection of Murphy & 15th, put in sidewalks, and improve [...]

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Brosterhous Road Closure & Detour

Infrastructure upgrades are going in to accommodate the new Stone Creek development where the old trap club used to be. Below is a chronological sequence of events: Phase I Currently restoring the pavement on Brosterhous south of American Lane intersection down to Jacklight Ln. Our goal is to re-open this stretch of roadway to Southbound Traffic [...]

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