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The Bend City Council will hold a public hearing on modifications to the Bend Development Code on September 15th. Visit bendoregon.gov/councilagenda as the date approaches for full meeting details and how you can participate, including providing public comment. You may also write to City Council in advance at council@bendoregon.gov.

The changes under consideration at this meeting are stemming from the state law passed in 2019 – known as House Bill (or HB) 2001. A stakeholder group was formed by the City of Bend to consider changes in light of that law. The stakeholder group’s recommendations went before the Bend Planning Commission in July 2021 and were passed. Now, City Council will consider the changes before they ultimately become law. Council may add, modify, or reject the recommendations before them.

Find more about the HB 2001 process and proposed changes at the City website: bendoregon.gov/HB-2001.

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