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The Old Farm District Neighborhood Association meets on the second Monday of every month at 6pm. Join our newsletter for the agenda and Zoom link.

Call to order

Establishment of quorum

Welcome and introductions

Introducing our new City Council Liaison: Melanie Kebler

Board Reports

Treasurer’s Report • Eric Lint

Land Use Update • Karon Johnson

Community Outreach Update • Eric Lint

Committee Reports

Neighborhood Leadership Alliance (NLA) Update • Dave Johnson

Neighborhood Association Roundtable (NART) Update • Jennifer Sawyer

SE Bend Area Plan Advisory Committee (SEAPAC) Update • James Dorofi

Growth & Development Project Updates

Transportation Update • James Dorofi

Murphy Corridor Project Update • Eric Lint

Other ongoing project updates

New Business

Community Outreach Committee

House Bill 2282 and DSL land

Septic to Sewer Conversion

Local initiatives to keep a healthy habitat

Old Business

Update on City Council Goal Setting sessions

Preparing for seasonal weather

Coronavirus response

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