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Public Meeting for Subdivision at 61515 Brosterhous Rd

A Notice of Public Meeting has been received for a subdivision of 2.64 acres into 17 residential lots in the Residential Medium Density (RM) zone at 61515 Brosterhous Rd. The proposed lots will contain single family and duplex units. As part of this project, a ¾ street will be developed for the extension of Lucia Street and right-of-way will be dedicated along the Brosterhous Road frontage.

As this project is only proposed at this time, there are no publicly viewable tentative site plans or any publicly viewable documents available in the City’s ePlans.

Meeting details:

There will be a brief presentation of the proposed residential subdivision and an opportunity for you to ask […]

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7-units proposed at end of Alstrup Road

A Notice of Pending Administrative Review has been received for a 7-unit, 4,900 square foot multi-family complex on a 16,649 square foot parcel located in the Residential Medium Density (RM) zone.

Written comments are being accepted by the City until February 21. Please mention project number PZ-19-0945 and email Senior Planner Heidi Kennedy at or call (541) 617-4524.

View documents (PDF):

PZ-19-0945 Alstrup Cottages Tentative Site Plan

PZ-19-0945 Notice of Pending Review

Tentative site plan:

Project location:


February 7th, 2020|Categories: Land Use|

Short-term Rental at 61484 Maid Marion Ct

A Notice of Pending Administrative Review has been received for an application for a three-bedroom Short-Term Rental in the Standard Density Residential (RS) zone at 61484 Maid Marion Ct.

Written comments are being accepted by the City until February 11. Please mention project number PZ-19-0919 and email Assistant Planner Joe Prutch at or call (541) 323-8518.

View Documents (PDF):

PZ-19-0919 Vacation rental 61484 Maid Marian Ct

View the location:

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OFDNA’s Comment on the Ward Project at Murphy Road




    We would first note that the timing for comments on this project, from December 14 to January 3, was reduced by the holiday season.  This made it extremely difficult to conduct a thorough analysis of the impact this huge development will have on both the Southeast NA and the Old Farm District NA.

The fundamental problem with this plan, as further explained below, is that it fails to make the safety of school children the top priority.  Given the huge amount of additional traffic this development proposes, the plan should have considered better speed […]

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Master Plan for 795 homes on Murphy Road

We have received notice of administrative review for a proposed development on Murphy Road that would build 795 homes on 150 acres. It would include 17.8 acres of open space (mainly due to a large Area of Special Interest, or ASI, which prevents building on that portion) and 10% of the homes will be townhomes. One lot is reserved for commercial convenience (CC) zoning.

This is the first opportunity to provide public comment before the plan is considered for approval. Comments must be submitted by January 3 to Senior Planner Karen Swenson at (541) 388-5567 or Be sure to mention project number PZ-19-0517.

A historical note: The bulk of […]

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