Enter to win prizes!

Want to show off your neighborhood?

Do you have pictures from around the Old Farm District in Bend?

We want to see your photos! Prizes will be awarded at the Fall General Meeting on October 19th.

Prizes will include gift cards to businesses and restaurants in the Old Farm District.

How to enter

  1. Email your submissions to:
  2. Attach up to five (5) pictures to your email (higher resolution is better!)
  3. Briefly tell us about the pictures. Where was each taken, when, and what’s going on? (locations will not be made public without your consent)
  4. Please include your name and how you would like to receive attribution (ex, “Joe Smith” or just “Joe S.”)
  5. We will send you a return email to confirm your entry

The photos you submit will be shared  on our website here, on our Facebook page, in a slideshow at the Fall General Meeting, and possibly in print materials.

Do you have pictures of?

  • the old farms
  • nice sunsets
  • kids playing
  • community activities
  • landscapes
  • neat architecture